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If you make under $75K, your meds are likely free.

Some prescriptions are still free if you make $100K.

Filling Out Prescriptions

ABOUT US is a first of its kind prescription savings plan

for America's hard working employees. We know with the rising cost of pharmaceutical medicine that many people find it hard to afford the medicine they and their families need. That's where we come in!

We have access to 1000's of prescription drugs and work directly with pharmaceutical manufacturers to get you your medicine for

FREE or greatly reduced.

At American-RX our company exists to save you money! 

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Did you know that over 198 million of America's working qualify for prescription assistance*

*Patient Assistance Survey 2018, Andersen Clinic Pharmacology Study


Keep more of your hard earned money.

We are an online web-based advocate system designed to help you and your family save the most money on your prescriptions. With our comprehensive database of programs and deep advocacy know-how, we go to bat for you to save on costly RX.

We are American-RX and we are here for YOU!


Employees, finally have a real way to save money on costly meds. This is a prescription savings plan everyone can be happy about.


Employers, give your employees an instant raise and stretch their employees paycheck.


Brokers, help your current groups save thousands and win new groups easily, with a one-of-a-kind prescription savings plan.

How It Works

As an HR Executive we are always looking for ways to help our employees stretch their paycheck and protect corporate profits, American-RX has been a win-win in both categories. We are seeing costly company claims go down and our employees keep more of their paycheck.

—  Kathy,

HR Director




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American Prescription Drug Assistance, LLC (“AMPDA”) is a private company founded to assist consumers who cannot afford or have difficulty affording their prescription medications. Based on income qualifications and pharmaceutical manufacturer guidelines various programs exist to dispense free or low-cost medications to qualified consumers. AMPDA helps qualified consumers access, navigate, qualify for, and obtain prescription medicine for those who meet the criteria specified by the respective pharmaceutical manufacturer.

While AMPDA does provide information and services to qualified consumers, or their employers, AMPDA is not a medical provider, medical insurance provider, a pharmaceutical dispenser, or a pharmaceutical manufacturer. Accordingly, any information or services provided by AMPDA is not and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Qualified consumers should always seek the advice of their own physician or other qualified health provider with any questions that they may have regarding any medical condition.


In addition, while AMPDA information and services are aimed at reducing the cost of medications to qualified consumers, AMPDA is not a medical insurance provider and does not guarantee that any particular medication prescribed by the qualified consumer’s medical provider will be covered by any particular free or low-cost and does not guarantee that any particular medication will be covered by the qualified consumer’s medical insurance and is not responsible to the qualified consumer for the costs of any medications not covered by the qualified consumer’s health insurance coverage or otherwise denied. Moreover, as AMPDA is not a pharmaceutical dispenser or distributor, AMPDA is not liable for any errors or omissions made by any pharmaceutical dispenser who may fulfil a prescription prescribed by qualified consumer’s medical provider. Finally, as a provider of information and services to qualified consumers only, AMPDA shall have no liability related to the safety or efficacy of any medication produced by any pharmaceutical manufacturer that may be prescribed to a qualified consumer by a medical provider.


AMPDA has taken care to ensure that the information and services it provides through any means is accurate and up to date. However, subject to the disclaimers and limitations of liability above, AMDPA makes no warranties about the accuracy or completeness of any information or services provided and may modify, alter, or discontinue providing all services and information without notice or obligation to provide notice.

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